Using AcademicPub Custom College PLUS

Making books is a snap on AcademicPub. For an easy start, why not use our Getting Started Guide?

Your bookstore has a portal that provides access to the platform, and tools to manage all book orders. Click the "User Guide" tab above for instructions.


If you or any of your colleagues would like, we'll do a webinar to give you a guided tour of Academic Pub. We have 3 sessions weekly, and we'll be happy to schedule a special session for you if our current schedule is not convenient. Contact and we'll schedule a session for you.


Most everything else you need to know is in the FAQ - the tab for access is also above.

Things You Need to Know


Contact Jim Agostine, our Customer Service Director (and all-around great guy!) at or 646-442-8860.
Or, for more routine matters, you can reach his Customer Service team at

Your Marketing Material:

We've got a simple page to make it easy to spread the word about your new affiliation with AcademicPub. Download it here.

Copyright Clearance

Chances are, you know all too well why you need to ensure all your custom books have the proper permissions. To clear materials through AcademicPub Custom College PLUS, use our simple step-by-step guide.

For more information on copyrights, and on the "Fair Use" rules, please review our quick guide.