This is AcademicPub

  • Access and manage all projects in one convenient place
  • Create tailored materials for students to purchase - reusable term after term
  • Access millions of pieces of content from 170+ publishers, in over 80 disciplines, and upload new content or pull from the web – while remaining copyright compliant
  • A digital desk copy is available immediately
  • Distribution in eBook or print
Providing a low cost solution for your course material. You have demands from your institution and your students, but MOST importantly, from yourself - you require current course content.

It's Fast. It's Timely. It's Flexible.
  • Managed costs for learning materials
  • The antidote to ever-rising textbook costs
  • More Timely Materials
  • Copyright compliance
  • Flexible delivery options
Print Editions

Print books are distributed through your bookstore staff. Once you've completed your book, you can alert the bookstore.
Digital Editions

AcademicPub course packs can be downloaded by students at their convenience and loaded onto the device of their choice - laptop, tablet, e-reader - whatever they want!